Book Review: Faith of My Fathers- Conversations with Three Generations of Pastors about Church, Ministry, and Culture by Chris Seay


Faith of My Fathers was a very interesting read and concept for a book.  Chris Seay sits down with his brother, worship leader Robbie Seay, his other brother, father, and grandfather to discuss life, ministry, and everything in between in a very conversational style book.  Donald Miller also helps to facilitate discussion and also throws his opinion in when he gets the opportunity.  The conversations in this book tend to keep coming back to the point that though people may differ on views regarding life, ministry, and politics they still must love, accept, and be authentic with eachother.  The main point that the pastors in this book agree on is that the church and Christians must be authentic in the fact that we are not perfect.  They believe that we as a church have failed on our impact on the world because we are not willing to admit that we have failed in areas and continue to fail in some areas.  The discussions on culture and the church were very interesting also.  The pastors discussed the changes in culture and yet ministering to hurting people in the midst of that.  This is a very interesting read in seeking to have a real and relevant ministry in the midst of an ever-changing culture.