Blog Recommendations: 11-8-08

Whether you are just getting into blogging or reading blogs or consider yourself a blog veteran, you are always looking for blog recommendations to add to your life.  I plan on focusing my Saturday blog posts on interesting posts, blogs, podcasts and other online media that I have discovered.

Here are my recommendations for the week:

Albert Mohler had two very interesting posts in the last two weeks worth exploring:

Election and Politics:  I do not want this blog to become a political blog in any way, but I thought I would share some interesting blog posts regarding politics just for election week:
  • JD Greer, Pastor of Summit Church, had a very interesting post election blog post this week which was also commented on and plugged by Steven Furtick.
  • Albert Mohler also had an interesting post that he was interviewed regarding on ABC News this week.
John Piper writes a tribute to Billy Graham who had is 90th Birthday yesterday.  Graham has been a faithful minister of the gospel for many years and millions have been touched by his ministry.
Persecuted Church: reported a few weeks ago that Christians are the most persecuted group in the world today.  Let us pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ facing persecution around the world for their faith in Jesus.
Video: What if Starbucks Marketed Like the Church?:  This is a hilarious but very true.  Enjoy!
RSS Reader Addition for the Week: Swerve is’s ministry blog.  With weekly series from Pastor Craig Groschel and the ministry team, this blog is a resource that you do not want to miss.

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