Secret Church: Exploring the Holy Spirit: Reflections: Pastor’s Role in Preaching the Word

One thing that was really interesting to me at Secret Church was that Dr. David Platt was hesitant to speak where scripture does not.  The issue of the Holy Spirit brings about many questions and heated theological discussions about the role, if any, of miraculous gifts, such as healing, tongues, or prophecy, in the church today.  This is a highly debated issue with people falling on different ends of the spectrum. 

In addressing this issue, Dr. Platt presented both sides of the debate and the corresponding scripture that is used as proofs by the differing sides.  He then left the question open.  The issue remained unresolved.  Dr. Platt was not jumping to resolve the issue because these were not issues to which scripture specifically makes a definitive statement.  As the pastor preaching the Word of God, Dr. Platt does not see it as His role to speak his thoughts and opinions into an issue where scripture does not give a specific view.  

This has great implications on the role of a preacher.  A pastor should not let his opinions be presented as scriptural truth.  The role of the pastor is to study and preach the Word of God.  This includes the hard and unpopular parts of scripture.  This Word should be preached with passion and authority since it is the Word’s of Almighty God.  The preacher, however, should never make a stand where scripture does not make a stand.  The opinions and views of a preacher are irrelevant.  What matters and what gives life to a congregation is not the theories and opinions of a pastor but the authoritative Words of God.