Ministry Calling: Introduction

This week I want to explore the topic of ministry calling.  In addressing this topic, it must be made clear that all Christians are called to live and preach the gospel to people around them.  So, the call to be a Christian is essentially the call to minister to the church using your spiritual gifts and to also share the gospel with others.  This means that in one sense we are all called into ministry in these areas.

When I refer to ministry calling in this blog, I am referring to a call into full-time vocational ministry.  This would be considered making your primary focus ministry rather than ministering as the Spirit leads you in addition to your vocation.  

Calls to ministry in scripture that frequently come to mind include:

  • Moses and the Burning Bush (Exodus 3Open Link in New Window)– God speaks to Moses through a burning bush that is on fire but not consumed.
  • Isaiah Sees a Vision of Heaven and Gets Called by God (Isaiah 6Open Link in New Window)– Isaiah sees this indescribable picture of God on the throne in heaven.  He then responds to God’s call to be the person whom God will send.
  • Saul becoming Paul on the Road to Damascus (Acts 9Open Link in New Window)– Saul is headed down the road to Damascus to kill the Christians, and he is blinded by a great light.  He hears the voice of Jesus asking Saul why he is persecuting Him.
The struggle that we face today about ministry calling is that we do not have burning bush experiences, visions of heaven, or blinding lights that confirm that we are called into ministry.  This week, I want to provide some questions and tests to use if you are wrestling through this question of a call into full-time vocational ministry. I would love to hear some thoughts as we wrestle through this topic this week.