Cries of the Protestant Reformation: Sola Scriptura

The first summary statement of the Protestant Reformation is sola scriptura.  This Latin statement means “by scripture alone.”  The Protestant Reformation placed scripture as the center of any theological and practical discussion.  Scripture was to be read and studied by all people not just the professional church people.  

The importance of making scripture central in the church was a response to the false teachings of purgatory and indulgences that Luther’s 95 Thesis addressed.  Scripture should be the standard of truth through which all ideas and teachings are filtered.  If something is being taught, even by a church minister, that contradicts scripture, the Christian must stick with scripture.  

Man’s words, no matter how eloquent or convincing they may sound, are still merely the words of man.  God’s words in scripture are truth from the mouth of God.  We must stand behind the words of God!