Beauty of the Beach

I have had the privilege of spending the last two days in Panama City.  It has been an interesting trip in that I have been surrounded by God’s beautiful creation.  There is something about spending time watching the sunset over the horizon and then sitting on the beach with your feet in the water being lapped over by waves.  I look at the beauty and design of the world especially the beach, and the only way that I can respond is in worship.  It is so neat to me that the closer I get to God’s beautiful creation, the closer I feel to God.  The interesting part of this whole experience is that in my breaks from the beauty of God’s creation I am reading a book by one of the world most well-known atheists, that proposes that God clearly does not exist but rather the world functions by the evolutionary process of natural selection.  As I was walking on the beach tonight and looking at the sunset, I could not help but think of the author of the book I am reading and other educated scientists who propose evolution and natural selection as the controllers of the universe and how they would respond to this glorious picture of beauty.  Let me paint you two pictures of this picture and let you see which picture is more beautiful:

Picture 1 (The Perspective of an Evolutionary Scientist): “There is the sun.  It is a collection of chemical gasses that are operating at a specific temperature that is the necessary temperature to allow the process of evolution to have functioned on the planet earth.  The earth is set in a rotation around the sun that is fundamentally necessary for the earth to have sustained life.  It is just a hot ball of gasses fulfilling its function in the overarching cycle of evolutionary natural selection.”

Picture 2 (My Perspective as a Worshipper): “There is the sun in all of its beauty.  I see the sun setting over the horizon in a beautiful way which the Author of Beauty created it to be.  It is their performing its lone purpose which is to display the beauty and give the world a glimpse of the glory of God.  The Psalmist had it right when he said that ‘the heavens declare the glory of God.’ I will join with all of creation in praising the name of my glorious God!”

I think that we can get to a place that we become so educated that we miss the beauty of God’s creation.  Worship thrives on wonder.  I do not want to become so educated that I miss the wonder and beauty of God’s creation.  As the Psalmist said “the heavens are declaring,” the question is are we listening!