The God Delusion- Part 2: Unquestioning Respect for Religious Beliefs

From the start of The God Delusion, Dawkins sets out from the start of his book to convince his readers that a belief in God is irrational and that any thinking individual should embrace atheism.  One of Dawkins’ claims is that people who study religion such as theologians should not make statements and claims regarding science due to the fact that science is not their field of expertise.  Dawkins then in turn contradicts himself by writing a book as a scientist making claims regarding religion and religious belief.  He is claiming to be an expert in a field where he is clearly not an expert.  The God Delusion begins by presenting an argument that religion should not necessitate respect.  Dawkins argues this point by stating a many number of cases and the fact that it is a cultural expectation for a person to have respect for what someone believes just due to the fact that they believe it.  This is something that should be granted no matter how absurd the belief in itself may be.  He goes on to say that this respect also implies the fact that you cannot question someone’s belief or ask for evidence to be presented to support the belief.  Dawkins claims that this extreme level of respect is absurd and should not be grated to religious individuals.  I would have to agree with Dawkins conclusion that a belief in something needs to be justified by factual evidence and a reason to which a person believes.