The God Delusion- Part 5: Natural Selection as the Guiding Force of the Universe

Dawkins then proceeds to the core of his argument presented in The God Delusion.  Dawkins seeks to prove that natural selection is the force that creates and sustains life as we know it.  He never shows specific examples of how natural selection and evolution function at this moment in the real world.  He continually refers to his proof that God does not exist from countering all of the bogus arguments that he proposed earlier in the book.  He states that the main reason that God cannot be the creator of all life is that someone must have made God.  Dawkins talks about the specific details and complexities of creation and then states that they can only be attributed to natural selection.  He seems to really enjoy making statements that are not proven with evidence and arguments but rather are believed by many “leading scientists.”  Dawkins also tends to do this in the following segment of his book in which he goes back into the religious realm where he once again becomes clearly not an expert.  Even in the segment of the book where Dawkins is the expert, he likes to make statements that are not supported either by argumentation or evidence.  I was horrified by the lack of academic scholarship and research presented by a professor at such a distinguished institution as Oxford.