Worshiping an Unknown God

Yesterday, I was listening to Matt Chandler’s sermon from the Village Church last Sunday, and he had a very interesting illustration that I cannot get off of my mind.  Matt was talking about the tendency we have to seperate our affections for God from our theology about God.

Matt said to imagine that he is working late in his office and goes to turn off his computer and sees his wife’s picture on the computer background.  After seeing this picture, it sparks within Matt a burning desire to be with and show his love to his wife. So, Matt rushes home and runs up to his wife.  He begins to talk to her saying, “I love you!  I love your black hair and green eyes!  I love everything about you!”  This is something that most would see as a great display of affection and communication of Matt’s love for his wife.  The only problem is that Matt’s wife has blonde hair instead of black hair and blue eyes instead of green eyes.  In this picture, Matt has displayed affection, but he has gotten it all wrong because he does not know the person whom he is displaying affection for.

Matt goes onto say that this is what we so often do with God.  We rush into His presence with praise about characteristics that we have imposed on Him because we really do not know Him.  We have placed upon God the characteristics that we desired God to have because we do not know of His characteristics.  We then turn away from God frusterated because the god that we have created in our minds is not the God of scripture.

If our theology of God is divorced from our worship of God, we are not really worshiping the God of scripture.  We are worshipping a god made not by human hands but by our own minds.  This is not the God of the Bible, but our own version of a god made in our image.