The God Delusion- Part 7: The Basis for Morality

Dawkins then goes on to present that morality cannot be derived from the Bible.  He presents the atrocities in the Old Testament that God approved such as the slaughter of entire cities and people groups and then goes on to state that we would not want to derive our religion from them.  One very interesting and valid point presented by Dawkins is in regard to Biblical interpretation.  He states that one must accept the entire Bible as factual, or real events happening in a real world, or that it is all an allegory.  Dawkins points out that if you attempt to see the Bible as at times factual and at time allegorical where would you draw the line between fact and fiction.  It is easy to dismiss the passages of scripture that are hard to explain or seem to contradict who we want God to be.  This is a totally illogical way to look at Biblical interpretation.  This is one argument that Dawkins clearly sees the hole in.  He also presents an argument that Jesus is not a good source for morality in that he made statements that his followers should leave everything and follow him.  Dawkins does not see this as a moral act or a person to base morality off of.  He also presents a very interesting argument that all scripture is directed at an in group of people.  He says that Jesus’ statement to love your neighbors only applied to Jews and that Paul was the one who brought Christianity to the Gentiles.  It is true that Paul was in charge of bringing the gospel to the Gentiles, but Jesus never promoted exclusivity.  Jesus was the one who lived a life reaching out to people who others looked over no matter whether they were Jew or Gentile.  Dawkins likes to quote “religious scholars” to support his own presuppositions without any real evidence or definition of who “religious scholars” really are.  Dawkins suggests that morality comes from a society as a whole deciding that something is morally wrong or right and then adapting to embrace their newly defined morality.  An example that he gives of this is the ending of racism in recent years in the United States and Britain.