Podcast: “…,but God…”

This is a message given at Lakeside Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama on March 4th, 2009.  This message focuses on presenting scripture as a book of transformation rather than a book of moralistic stories.  The primary text for this message is Ephesians 2Open Link in New Window: 1-10.  I hope that this message is a blessing and a challenge to you in your walk with Jesus Christ!

  • Jane Jackson

    What a wonderful message. So thankful that it was recorded so that others can be blessed. Thanks for presenting the Bible in a way that was easily understood and filled with Truth. The message was presented very clearly. I know that you put a lot of effort into this and pray that other lives were touched as mine was. Thanks again.

  • I thought you message was very good. It was very professional. It should have held the attention of students and impacted their lives. Thanks again.