Book Review: The Kingdom of the Occult

Walter Martin’s The Kingdom of the Occult does an extensive job of covering the issues regarding cultic practice.  This book is similar to Martin’s classic work, The Kingdom of the Cults, with a major difference being that this book was not published and compiled by Walter Martin.  It was rather compiled by one of his children from his various writings on the topic of the occult.   The book contains helpful case studies from Walter Martin’s notes and journals that make the philosophies and ideologies, which fill the book, come to life in ministry situations with real people.  This book is a very helpful reference work but is very dry to read through.  Covering various topics of the occult including: Kabbalah, New Age Movement, physic phenomena, astrology, Satanism, Wicca, and demon possession.  These are all relevant philosophies that many Christians could have some interaction with in the course of their lives and ministries.  Martin presents the main ideologies of these philosophies and contrasts them to the timeless truths from the Word of God.  The Kingdom of the Occult also provides a scriptural response to the issue being addressed which would be very helpful in biblical counseling situations and when dealing with spiritual warfare.  This book will soon become a classic work as a reference tool when dealing with the occult.