Book Review- The Hole in Our Gospel

In The Whole in Our Gospel: The Answer that Changed My Life and Might Just Change the World, Richard Stearns, the president of World Vision, makes a call for a holistic gospel which does not just consist of correct theological convictions but also includes having the heart of Jesus for the least of these.  This book was a challenge to the American church to live the gospel of Jesus Christ and taking Jesus at his words with regard to the cost of following Him.  Stearns notes that American Christianity has embraced an unbiblical view of the gospel and the kingdom of God.  The dangerous tendency is to see the gospel and kingdom of God as a far off thing that only matters in eternity, but as Stearns so clearly defends, the gospel should transform the lives of those around us in the world here and now.

This timely challenge is presented clearly through stories of the lives of people who have been impacted positively through the ministry of World Vision and also the struggles that the author has gone through personally in coming to embrace a holistic gospel himself.  Stearns does an effective job of presenting the deep needs that are being faced by people all over this planet and connecting it to the great resources and opportunity that we as Christians have to engage these deep needs.  This book is a challenging call for Christians and the church to stop talking and theorizing about missions and reaching the world and to embody the gospel by reaching out to serve through your time, talent, and treasures to truly love your neighbor, even your neighbor on the other side of the globe.  Reading this book will change your perspective and cause you to reevaluate if there is truly a hole in your gospel.