Book Review: Fearless

In Fearless, Max Lucado brings to life Jesus’ teachings on fear throughout the gospels.  The is a timely book considering our current cultural fears raging from economic to health to political fears.  Lucado does a biblical job of addressing fears not using the popular techniques of self-help and prosperity preachers who take advantage of people’s fears and believe in the power of positive thinking to overcome your fears.  Instead, Lucado addresses our fears by pointing us to Jesus Christ who is the centerpiece of our faith.  In Jesus, we find a God who is not foreign to our fears and who does not sit idly by in our times of fear.  Lucado, through the vehicle of the gospels, paints a picture of a Jesus who not only understands our fears but who wants to be the peace in the midst of our storm.  The chapters in this book address different storms that Jesus desires to be our peace in the middle of.  These storms include: the fear of not mattering, the fear of disappointing God, the fear of running out, the fear of not protecting my kids, the fear of overwhelming challenges, the fear of worst-case scenarios, the fear of violence, the fear of the coming winter, the fear of life’s final moments, the fear of what’s next, the fear that God is not real, the fear of global calamity, and the fear of God getting out of my box.  The most amazing part of this book is the fact that after addressing all of the potential earthly fears that Lucado addresses in this book he brings us to see that a healthy fear of God as God brings all of these fears into proper perspective.  If God is God and He is on the throne, our fears look as large as they really are because we see them from an eternal perspective.  A God-sized view of God is the ultimate comfort in the midst of fear.  God is sovereign and He is good despite how ever dark our fears may look.  Lucado does an excellent job of bringing this powerful scriptural truth to life to encourage his readers to not fear!