Book Review: A Million Miles in a Thousand Places: What I Learned While Editing My Life

In A Million Miles in a Thousand Places: What I Learned While Editing My Life, engaging author and masterful storyteller, Donald Miller, invites his readers into the realm of story.  This memoir, which journeys with Miller through the past few years since his last book, To Own a Dragon, brings the idea of living your life as a story that matters to front and center.  This book uses Miller’s personal journey to show his readers the importance of living a life that becomes a story that makes a difference in the world.

The book’s premise focuses around the opportunity that Miller had to edit his life in working to produce a film based off of his first book which made him famous, Blue Like Jazz.  Through the writing and editing experience of this film, Miller realizes that the life that he finds himself living is anything but the epic and exciting stories that good films are made of.  This causes him to seriously evaluate his life to see what living a life that counts for something would look like for him.  This personal evaluation led him to start a ministry to children and students in the inner city called the Mentoring Project and to also take a bike journey from one side of America to the other to raise money and awareness for clean water in Africa.  Through these experiences, Miller realized that living a good story is found in living for a bigger story outside of yourself.

This hilarious, touching, and honest memoir calls readers to seek their own story.  A story that makes a difference in the lives of others and calls them to take risks to be able to have a large impact on the world.  This book will inspire you and encourage you to step into a larger story that you cannot even imagine.

  • norrellio

    awesome! i like it.