Book Review: A Leaders Heart- 365 Day Devotional Journal by John Maxwell

A Leaders Heart is a devotional for the entire year compiled from the writings of John Maxwell.  I am puzzled that the publishers decided to call this book a devotional considering that the daily thoughts are more based on Maxwell’s leadership principles than scripture.  It might be better titled as a collection of daily leadership lessons than a devotional.

Each daily entry contains a biblical passage, a two to three paragraph leadership lesson drawn from John Maxwell’s books, and a leadership question for the day.  The biblical passages given for each day are not clearly linked in most entries to the leadership lesson for the given day.  Few of the leadership lessons incorporate scripture so the scriptural component presents itself as a last minute addition for the book to be termed a devotional.  Maxwell’s daily leadership lessons are typical for his writings.  They are very practical and helpful to leaders in many fields.  They provide something that is thought provoking regarding personal leadership development for the day.  The leadership question of the day seeks to make immediate application to the leadership lesson presented in the daily reading.  This incorporates the journal part of the book as included in the title.

A Leaders Heart is a good resource for leaders in personal leadership development but should not be titled as a devotional.  I look forward to working through this resource to continue to seek to grow and develop as a leader.