Book Review: I Lift Up My Soul: Devotions to Start Your Day with God by Charles F. Stanley

In I Lift Up My Soul: Devotions to Start Your Day with God, beloved pastor Dr. Charles F. Stanley brings his scriptural insight to readers in a new format.  This book of daily devotions are primarily excerpts from Stanley’s other books, which have been reformatted for a devotional audience.  Each devotion begins with a daily passage for reflection.  These passages are not listed in the book itself but must be read in order to understand the daily devotional thoughts.  Stanley also includes a key verse for each day. The key verse would be a good memory verse for the day.  These key verses may or may not come from the daily passage, but they serve as summary texts for the theme and topic being addressed in the daily devotion.  Each devotional is a page in length and ends with a short prayer which reinforces the topic and issues being addressed in the daily devotional.  The devotionals are not exegetical, coming directly from a particular text and seeking to explain the text, but rather, they are topical, taking the topic of the text and seeking to address it using other scripture, insights from other authors, and practical applications.  Dr. Charles F. Stanley’s teaching is presented in a very digestible format through I Lift Up My Soul and serves as a good devotional to encourage readers to understand and apply the truths of scripture.