Flying Through the Clouds

Life is a journey of chasing after God and seeking His will and place for you.  I feel like I am coming to a turn in the road on my journey.  A pastor I really respect said that our journey is like a plane flight.  We are up in the clouds and all that surrounds us is confusion.  These are the times when God draws us to Him through our own since of confusion and desire for clarity.  In times in the clouds, we are reminded that God does not want us for what we can accomplish for His glory but that he wants us for us.  He wants us to be radically in love with Him.  He wants us to be so close to His heart in the arms of His embrace that our heart begins to beat like His.  I feel like I have been in the midst of the clouds seeking God and His desires for me in continuing education through seminary and ministry.  I feel like over the last few days in the ministry aspect that God has allowed me to break through the clouds to see the place where He wants me to be.  I am seeing Him close doors that have been open for so long and in turn open doors that I could have never imagined.  My prayer and hope is that I will continue to trust even when I am flying through the clouds.