Book Review: The Final Summit: A Quest to Find the One Principle that Will Save Humanity

In The Final Summit: A Quest to Find the One Principle that Will Save Humanity, Andy Andrews presents another page-turning fiction work that he has built a reputation around.  This next chapter in the Travelers stories presents travelers from throughout history all gathered together at a great tribunal in heaven to determine how to save the world.

This group of travelers includes mix major characters including characters from history such as Abraham Lincoln, Joan of Arc, and Winston Churchill; biblical characters such as King David; and sports characters such as Bear Bryant.  Andrews makes these characters come alive through dialogue.  Though this dialogue is primarily fiction, Andrews makes the personalities of these great figures clearly come through the fictional dialogue to the point that readers lose the fact that the book is fiction.

The Final Summit also presents principles for life success.  Through personal challenge, Andrews makes the book applicable to the reader so that the fiction is not merely entertaining, but it is also useful in personal development.  The issues that the tribunal of travelers are seeking solutions regarding are the same issues that we are currently facing in American society, which drives home once again the relevancy of Andrews’ message.

Though I typically do not like to read fiction books, I highly recommend The Final Summit.  This is a page-turning fiction story laced with history with a special relevance for contemporary society and the reader.  As with every Andy Andrews’ book I have read, you will not regret taking time to attend The Final Summit.