Introductory Words

I was listening to a podcast today which was an interview with Ron Martoia who was talking about his new book, Static, about the words that we use in sharing our faith.  The premise of his book is that we are losing people in the midst of our churchy and religious language when trying to introduce them to Jesus.  People can so often be overwhelmed by our Christianese that they totally miss the heart of the message.  This book is a call to reexamine the heart of the gospel and to communicate that heart in a way that does not require a church background to understand.  I feel like this is something that we are all guilty of to a great extent.  Jesus spoke words to the longings of the hearts of the people around Him.  He showed them more than words by living out grace and being grace to them.  Our introductory words to people should be more than words.  It should be an outpouring of the grace that God has given us onto others.  Like St. Francis of Assisi said many years ago: “Preach the gospel at all times and if necessary use words.”