Book Review: Billy Graham in Quotes

When it comes to influential Christians, Billy Graham tops the list.  Graham’s seventy year ministry has impacted millions and has served as a clear example of  gospel-driven ministry.  Even as Graham ages, his heart for the lost and passion for ministry still stand strong.  In his humble introduction to Billy Graham in Quotes, Graham remarks:

“My hope is that those who do not know Him (Jesus) as their personal Savior will be moved by the message found in these pages and be drawn by the Holy Spirit to the foot of the cross, where forgiveness is found and salvation through grace is granted.”

From Franklin Graham’s forward and Billy Graham’s introduction, it is clear that their goal in this book is to encourage people through thoughts from Billy Graham’s life and ministry.  However, they are also very clear that the only true source of truth is the Word of God and that all of the thoughts in this book are intended to drive readers back into the Word.  This idea is highlighted by the fact that  each topic that Graham’s quotes are categorized begins with a Biblical passage relating to the topic to be addressed.   The scriptural and biblical approach to this volume makes it an excellent resource.

When it comes to influential voices who shaped modern evangelicalism, Billy Graham stands as a great man of God seeking to humbly declare the truth of God.  This book is a great resource for preachers and ministers who are looking for quotes and inspiring statements of truth from the man that was known for so long and by so many people as America’s pastor.