Dominican Republic Trip: Day 1

Today has been a crazy day.  As soon as I got off of the airplane, I was immediately doing ministry.  Brad has two different teams from the United States serving with him until this weekend.  Today was a day where Brad spent most of our time showing me the projects that God has given them and checking in on these teams.  I am coming in what has been a hectic week, but in the midst of the chaos, God is clearly at work.

God opened doors for me to have gospel conversations with two guys on the plane on the way to the Dominican Republic.  It is always encouraging to see who God places in my path for His glory.

The work of God that I saw today in the Dominican Republic consisted of exploring projects and helping these teams.  One team has been building some houses for Haitian refugees, who lost all of their possessions in a recent fire.  There will be a dedication service this weekend to present these families with these homes.  The other team is working on building a fresh waterspout to send clean water into a village where people were having to walk 700 meters for water.

I am struck by the poverty and depth of need in the Dominican Republic.  These new houses that the team is building are single rooms that are about ten feet by ten feet.  These homes will hold anywhere from 2 to 8 people.  I was also amazed from discussing needs with Brad to discover that prostitution is legal here.  There are twelve-year-old girls who work in the prostitution industry and sell themselves for $3.  This breaks my heart!

All of this need and poverty is going on while thousands of western tourists come to this island in order to go on vacation.  These tourists do not take the time or have the interest to see the true side and need in the eyes and lives of the people.