Dominican Republic Trip: Day 3

Today was a day of rest for the teams.  It was great to be able to spend some time with Brad and his family.  I feel like the Dominican Republic is becoming less foreign and unknown to me the longer that I am here.

The people are so friendly and welcoming, which makes it easy to feel like home.  I am still struggling with the language difference.  Not speaking Spanish makes me feel like I am out of the loop in conversations.  This evening at my hotel, I turned on the TV to an American station just to be able to hear people speak a language that I could understand.  It did not matter what they were discussing.  All that mattered was that there were words that I understood coming from their mouths.

The day ended with a service with the youth group from St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Birmingham.  This was a time of thanks and a foot-washing service.  It was very impacting for me to sit and watch this service.  A service like this is one of the moments that I remember most clearly about Brad’s youth ministry in the States.  As I sat and watched students respond to this clear picture of humility and service, I was encouraged to seek the Lord for a way that I can model this form of servant leadership for my students at home.