Dominican Republic Trip- Day 6

Today was a day of planning and exploration.  It began by going to see the Jesus statue that stands on the mountain over the city.  It is made by the same sculptor as the statue in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, but it is smaller in size.  The statue of Jesus with His arms spread open wide over the city stands as a strong example of what God wants to do here in Puerto Plata.  God wants people to embrace the gospel, which was clearly given when Christ’s hands were spread out on the cross.  Jesus stands over a city with much need and hurt and offers freedom from sin and a welcoming into a relationship with Him that is greater than whatever circumstances we may find ourselves.

I spent some time this afternoon working on the pastors’ conference.  Brad and I worked on a flyer for the conference and went to find a place for the conference to be held.  We are inviting a select number of pastors to stay in a hotel for a retreat this Friday through Sunday.  This will be a time of prayer and study of God’s Word.  I am serving as a discussion facilitator for the conference.  Brad is allowing me to be the primary person in shaping the direction and vision for this conference.  I will be staying in the hotel with a translator leading the conference.  I am still seeking the Lord for further confirmation about what He would desire me to teach in order to best minister to these pastors.

I have struggled with the idea of leading this conference because I know that I have nothing of my own to offer to these pastors.  I am praying that the Holy Spirit would fill me and empower me in these days.  I believe that the Lord wants to use this conference as a life-changing experience for these pastors during these days.  I want the Holy Spirit’s words through me to fill our time together because only He can truly minister to the hearts of these pastors.