Dominican Republic Trip- Day 12

Today was a laid back day.  I got to spend my day with a team from Louisiana, who is here to do an evangelistic baseball camp in two different communities.  We began the day by going to visit the food and souvenir markets.  It is interesting to me how different the food market was to the places where I would buy food at home.

In the afternoon, I went with the team to the championship game of the baseball camp.  This was a double-header between the teams at the two camps.  It is amazing the baseball skills of these high school students.  Brad said that the New York Yankees have an agent who is based here in Puerto Plata to sign possible talent.  It was great to see the joy on the high school students faces as they got to put into practice the things that they had learned during the baseball camp.

The camp ended by the team presenting the gospel.  Over the course of the camp, God moved the hearts of 13 students to respond to the gospel.  God is clearly at work!  After the game and gospel presentation, we took both teams out to eat pizza.  It was a great time of fellowship for them and a great way to end the camp.