Dominican Republic Trip- Day 15

Tropical Storm Emily was not as bad as I had imagined it being last night.  There were just some strong winds early this morning.  There has not been power at Brad’s house for most of the day.  One thing that they do in the Dominican Republic is that they have selected blackouts in certain communities.  It doesn’t matter that you pay your bill.  They will just turn the power off for a time.  The times that this has happened previously on my trip, it has only been for a few minutes.  This time it has been off for several hours.  It is aggravating because with no power we have no fans or running water.  Therefore, I am hot and sweaty and cannot take a shower.  This is another business practice in the Dominican Republic that does not make any sense to me.  After about 14 hours, the power decided to come back on.

This morning, I had the opportunity to preach at the Cristo Transforma Drug Recovery Center. I was able to go with one of Brad’s translators, who has been through the program.  It was neat to get a tour from him of the facility.  There were about 20 men in the facility, who came to the service today.

The service began with a time of worship.  My translator was explaining to me that the songs were songs of praise to God for deliverance and rescue from sin.  It was clear from the looks on the men’s faces that they had known what it was like to be lost in sin apart from God.  The joy from their hearts made it clear that they knew what it means to be rescued.

The text that the Lord gave me to share was John 15Open Link in New Window.  I was able to encourage these brothers to continue to abide in Christ and let the Holy Spirit continue to work in their lives.  I reminded them that God is in the business of taking broken people, picking them up, and making them trophies of God’s grace.  It was truly a blessing to be able to share with them!

Due to uncertainties with Tropical Storm Emily, I am likely to not take my trip to explore the colonial district in Santo Domingo.  This is going to work out better because being here from the storm allowed me to be able to share at Cristo Transforma.  Brad’s team member was approved for his visa so it is exciting to know that he will be able to visit the United States in the coming days!