Book Review: Torn: Trusting God When Life Leaves You in Pieces by Jud Wilhite

In Torn: Trusting God When Life Leaves You in Pieces, Jud Wilhite presents an encouraging and biblical call to trust God in the midst of suffering and difficulty.  This is clearly a book that was written by a pastor, who has suffered himself and alongside people in his congregation.  Therefore, this is a book that is not divorced from the reality and pain of suffering.  Jud faces real questions and seeks to answer them clearly with biblical truth.

This is a very encouraging book because it is framed through the lenses of others who have suffered.  Each chapter contains several personal narratives from friends of Judd and people throughout history who have learned to suffer well.

Torn is a call to reframe your expectations about God.  Judd sees God as a God who is good and sovereign, who works out things for His ultimate glory.  God is not a genie God who guards us from any pain but is an incarnational God who is with us in the midst of our pain.  Practically, this means that suffering should drive us deeper into to the “who” of God rather than causing us to constantly ask “why.”

Torn contains practical and biblical advice for dealing with depression, learning to suffer in the context of community, and fighting for joy in the midst of suffering.  Judd presents a great book that is biblically grounded and easy to read.  I would highly recommend this book to people who find themselves Torn or seek to walk with those who are broken.