unChristian: When Christians Stopped Looking Like Jesus- Part 4- The Hatred for Homosexuals

The third perception of Christians as presented in unChristian is that Christians are antihomosexual.  This perception comes from Christians tending to harp on this particular sin over all the rest.  Christians also tend to further promote their negative view of homosexuals by making jokes about them and treating them differently from everyone else. Christians look down on homosexuals and so often see themselves as superior.  There is a difference in opposing legislation regarding homosexuality and being antihomosexual.  I would argue that you are not being antihomosexual if you vote against a bill that would give marriage rights to homosexuals if you are against such a piece of legislation.  You become antihomosexual when you begin view them as less than human and horrible people.  They are just people struggling to find acceptance, meaning, and love just like anyone else.  We must extend the love of Jesus to them and not a hatred for them because of the sin that they are struggling with.  Jesus must be the one to change a person’s heart.  We cannot legislate morality and force others to reform their lifestyles prior to Jesus transforming their lives and then by the power of the Holy Spirit transforming their mindset and desires.  We must be willing to love them for the broken people that they are while remembering the broken people that we were before Jesus put us back together.