Dominican Republic Trip- Day 17

It was bittersweet to leave the Dominican Republic.  It was sad because I would be leaving Brad and his team, who I have really had an opportunity to get to know over the last few weeks.  It was sweet because I am ready to be home to friends, family, and my students!

Saturday ended up being a lot longer day than expected when my flight from Miami to Birmingham was cancelled due to a pilot calling in sick.  It was very frustrating to be so close to home yet stuck knowing that I had been only minutes away from seeing family at the airport.  However, God provided a hotel for the night and two free meal passes before my flight on Sunday morning.

This trip to the Dominican Republic has been an amazing experience that is truly hard to put into words.  I feel like God used me to minister to people and that He also ministered to me in the process.  I will walk away from this trip knowing that God is at work in the Dominican Republic and that I was truly blessed to be able to spend 17 days as a part of that great work!