unChristian: When Christians Stopped Looking Like Jesus- Part 5- The Christian Bunker

The fourth description of Christians offered in the book unChristian is that Christians are sheltered.  This is something that seems to turn people outside of the church off to Christianity because they see Christians as having a disconnect from the world around them.  This makes people see Christians as people who can relate to real world situations and struggles.  This idea of Christians being sheltered is something that the church today seems to embrace.  The argument is used that the world is sinful and evil and that we should shelter ourselves from the world by constructing a Christian bunker within the walls of our church so that we do not let the evil of the world rub off on us.  This is seen in the great amount of church programs and Christian companies we have in America.  It is now possible with the additions of the many Christian companies to go work out, go to the doctor, and go through our everyday lives as Christians and have very little interaction with people who do not know Christ.  This is also seen by all of the opportunities that Christians have to be involved in church functions which have gone from being just a Sunday and Wednesday thing to something that you could be involved in almost everyday of the week.  I am not saying that either of these things are bad in and of themselves, but we are without knowing it creating an in-group versus out-group mentality.  The Christian in-group is who we spend all of our time with while missing an entire out-group who needs to be told about Jesus.  This sheltering in the Christian bunker keeps us from fulfilling the Great Commission and reaching others with the love and gospel of Jesus Christ.  We seem to spend most of our time hanging out with the religious people, yet we claim to follow a Savior who spent His time ministering to prostitutes and tax collectors.  Jesus hung out with the out-group crowd while we so often stay to the in-group crowd.  Jesus called us to be in the world but not of it.  We are bunkering ourselves in a Christian bubble in order to be not of the world but are missing the fact that no matter how think we think that our bubble is we are still in the world.  Since we are clearly in this world, we must look for ways to connect to the hurting world around us in need of a Savior.  I think that this can be done through many ways, but it must start by building relationships with people in the out-group.  Once relationships are being developed, we can then open up and share the gospel with others.  This is done partially through finding a common ground whether that be a longing or desire or an idea presented in a movie that you both have seen.  We must be willing to learn and be exposed to the culture enough that we know how to speak its language.  This is a language that revolves around media and different worldviews presented therein.  We must be willing to open out eyes to what people around us are seeing and experiencing in order to know how to connect to their lives and experiences in order to share Jesus with them and make them disciples.  Christianity was never intended to be lived in a monastery or the modern-day Christian bunker.  We must embrace the call of Jesus to impact others by first and foremost being willing to come out of our cave and build relationships with them.