unChristian: When Christians Stopped Looking Like Jesus- Part 6- The Politics of Christianity

The fifth perception of Christians noted in unChristian is the they are too political.  This has become a huge issue recently and was greatly seen in the last few presidential elections.  Young adults have begun to closely associate Christians with a political party which creates lots of problems.  The main problem is that they see anything that they disagree with the political party doing as something that Christians are doing and that Christians support. This adds an additional arena which creates even more concerns that young adults have with the church.  When a future presidential candidate takes time to meet with a prominent Christian pastor to seek approval and additional votes, we have reached a new level of connection between the church and a political party.  I am not saying that we should not be involved as Christians in politics or vote our values.  I believe that these are both things that we should do, but the problem comes when we as Christians strongly unite ourselves with a political party.  I heard Prison Fellowship founder and former White House aide to Richard Nixon, Chuck Colson, say something in an interview the other day that sums up the Christian’s role in politics very well.  He said that when a Christian unites himself or herself with any ideology besides the gospel they only dilute their impact.  When we as Christians unite ourselves with the ideology of any political party, we are in turn dividing ourselves from everyone who is part of another political party.  We are dividing on an ideology with regard to government policy which is making it even harder for us to share the gospel with someone because we have created an additional barrier and division with the person.