unChristian: When Christians Stopped Looking Like Jesus- Part 7- Christians Are Judgmental

The sixth perception presented in unChristian is that Christians are judgmental.  This is something that I hear young adults raise all of the time as a problem with Christianity.  I think the reason that we come across as judgmental is that we fail to accept people as they are.  We have a fear of people that are not like us, and we tend to look down on them and stereotype them in light of this fear.  Another issue in light of being judgmental is that we think that everyone should act like us.  We see morality as something that we can legislate, but this seems to never work.  Take for instance the wet paint sign on a wall when we see the sign that is encouraging us to not touch the paint it just makes us want to touch it all the more.  We cannot expect people who do not know Jesus to live like Jesus.  We judge people and stereotype people which just leads to further division between us and further hurts us in sharing the gospel.  We must not judge people and expect people who do not know Christ to live like people who do.