Amazing Grace: Movie Review

Amazing Grace Movie Poster 

Last weekend, I finally rented the movie Amazing Grace.  I rented it after hearing rave reviews from everyone that had seen it.  This movie to my surprise ended up being a great film.  It seemed to deal with the horrors of the slave trade and had a desire to draw you as a viewer not only into the story but to draw you into action.  I really liked seeing how the producers choose to depict certain historical characters such as Equino and John Newton.  The movie did an good job of bringing these people and their stories to life in an interesting way.  The only downside of the movie, however, was the length.  The storyline seemed to drag in the middle of the film.  It seemed like the producers were fluffing the story with unnecessary subplots in order to lengthen the film.  I do feel like this was worth watching and contained several themes that required further thought and exploration.  There were two major themes that became apparent in the portrayals of two of the main characters which I will explore further over the next few days.