Book Review: The 7 Best Practices for Teaching Teenagers the Bible

In The 7 Best Practices for Teaching Teenagers the Bible, Andy Blanks presents a concise, clear, and compelling book that encourages teachers and youth leaders to practically and intentionally seek to become better teacher’s of God’s Word.  Blanks begins the book by encouraging his readers that they are part of the minority – they are Bible study teachers that care enough to seek to more effectively communicate truth.  The fact that many Bible teachers would be content with embracing mediocrity is upsetting, yet true.

Blanks then goes on to practically challenge teachers and youth leaders to become better at teaching God’s Word by embracing The 7 Best Practices:

  • Best Practice 1: Engaging with God
  • Best Practice 2: Prepare Well, Teach Well
  • Best Practice 3: Context Is Key
  • Best Practice 4: Embrace Unpredictability
  • Best Practice 5: Plan for Interaction
  • Best Practice 6: Teach for Application
  • Best Practice 7: Know Your Role

These practices are presented usually through a story or illustration setting the stage for the importance of the practice, the practice is then explained, and the practice is applied in a very real life way.

The most helpful chapter is the “Best Practice 2: Prepare Well, Teach Well” because Blanks effectively explains how to take a passage from the Bible and to make it into a compelling Bible study lesson.  This is a skill that will allow teachers to be able to feel equipped to communicate the truth of God’s Word without being forced to rely on curriculum.

Like all other YouthMinistry360 resources, Blanks writes from the heart of a servant, who truly wants to serve and minister to youth workers.  This tone makes this a very encouraging book as you feel Blanks cheering you on every step of the journey to become a better Bible teacher.

I highly recommend The 7 Best Practices for Teaching Teenagers the Bible.  It effectively presents practical ideas on Bible study teaching in a way that highly esteems the role of the Bible in teaching.  It is written on a level where every Bible study teacher can understand it, but it also contains ideas and thoughts that will engage even the most experienced youth worker.

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  • Ben,
    Just wanted to personally say thanks for such a kind review. Thank you for the encouragement. I am pumped that you found it to be a resource that would be beneficial to teachers and youth leaders alike.

    Hope you have an awesome weekend, and thanks again.