Book Review: A Commentary on the Psalms- Volume 1 (1-41)

Kregel Exegetical Library: A Commentary on the Psalms, Volume 1: 1-41

Psalms is a loved book of the scriptures, but it frequently causes confusion when it comes to the interpretation of the Hebrew figures of speech and the many textual difficulties that the Psalms present.  Allen P. Ross’ A Commentary on the Psalms: Volume 1 (1-41) is a very helpful resource for any student of the Bible seeking to dive deeper within the worship hymnal of the Old Testament.

Ross’ approach to the text is very thoughtful.  He is seeking to clearly allow the truth of the text to speak to today’s reader.  Unlike many commentaries, Ross’ work is written on a level that those without formal theological training can interact with the text.  However, he does not avoid the detailed exegesis of the text.  The footnotes delve deep into the Hebrew of the psalms.

The most helpful portions of this commentary are the outlines of the psalms and the single sentence summaries of the central message of the psalm.  In a church culture where the psalms are frequently neglected in the pulpit, Ross provides pastors with a helpful resource to begin approaching the beautiful passages that comprise the psalms.  This is a very helpful and readable commentary that would be suitable for both the lay student of the Bible and the biblical scholar alike.