Resource Review: New: First Steps for New Christ-Followers by Andy Blanks and YM360

Andy Blanks and YouthMinistry360 have just released a much needed resource for student ministry – a follow-up devotional book for new Christians called New.  This is a great resource that brings content to an area of student devotionals where content is usually overlooked in favor of stories and application.
Blanks presents following Jesus through the eyes of the scriptures and encourages new believers to personally engage with the scriptures.  New covers topics such as:
  • Reviewing What Happened When the Student Became a Christ Follower
  • Basic Bible Study Skills
  • How to Pray
  • Attributes of God
  • How to Share Your Faith

This book is written in an engaging format with the layouts, designs, and responsive exercises varying from day to day.  Students will be engaged by this constant shift.  The book is in a four week format with the focuses of the weeks being:

  1. First Things First
  2. Knowing God
  3. What It Means to Follow
  4. Living the New Life

The book has several pages worth of charts and additional materials to help introduce students to the Bible.  New is a great resource that begins to walk students through the next steps of becoming fully-devoted followers of Jesus.  I would highly recommend this resource to put in the hands of student who are beginning their faith journeys.

For more information about New or to order copies for your students, please visit the YouthMinistry360 website.

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