Pledging Allegiance

This was written in Janurary 2007: 

Over the last few weeks at my church, our pastor has been preaching about devotions and seeking God both intentionally and daily.  He was talking about how there are morning and night people when it comes to devotions, and they tend to do nothing at the other time.  That is definitely me.  So, he suggested coming up with a pledge of allegiance to God to read/pray the other time.  This is something that tells God that you know both your place and His, that you are willing to submit to Him being Lord of that day, seeking the Holy Spirit’s help and direction battling temptation that day, and praying that He alone gets the glory in your day.  I started doing this prayer this week.  It has been so encouraging to just start your day with deciding who you will serve.  This prayer helps fuel my drive to serve God, reminds me of who I am and who my Lord is, and helps me to surrender to the Holy Spirit in times of temptation.  I would highly recommend incorporating this somehow into your day.  It has been a source of encouragement and strength for me, and I hope that it is for you also.