A New Devotional Journey: The Story Behind the Podcast

After several years of serving with students as a youth pastor and small group leader, students have constantly shared with me their own personal challenges with getting into God’s Word. It seems hard to make the time and priority of connecting to something that it so vital to a student’s own spiritual growth. If we are honest as adults, we often have the same struggle as well. It is hard to make time for the most important things.

A few years ago, I was watching a Christian movie, and one of the characters in that movie listened to God’s Word through a podcast called Devos on the Go. Once I got past the cheesy nature of the title, I began to wonder if that is something that students would use to connect to God’s Word. The idea of trying something different was birthed.

A simple walk down the student ministry resource aisle at the local Christian bookstore features lots of devotional books for students. For many of these resources, the focus is on the funny story, relevant example, or life lesson. The devotional seems to simply have enough Bible to be “Christian” to merely separate it from the motivational quote books that students typically receive at graduation.

If we are going to devotionally study the Bible, our task must first and foremost be to engage God’s Word. In devotions, we are seeking a word from God’s mouth through the divinely inspired Word. A devotional should make the scripture the goal and allow the transformational truth to rise from the passage rather than seeking to develop compelling ideas to baptize in the text.

On Monday, January 14th, I will begin a journey to walk through God’s Word devotionally with students through the medium of a podcast. Students will be able to hear the truth from the text taught in an exegetical way while also connecting the truth to their world and daily life. We will begin by walking verse by verse through the book of James.

If you or someone in your world is interested in joining me on this new journey, please check out the podcast website or you can subscribe by searching “Engaging the Scripture” in the Apple Podcast or Google Podcast app.

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