Book Review: Big Greek Idea Series: John’s Letters by Herbert W. Bateman IV and Aaron C. Peer

The Big Greek Idea Series: John’s Letters. y Herbert W. Bateman IV and Aaron C. Peer is a great resource for diving into studying the Greek. This commentary requires a basic understanding of the Greek language, but it is also written in a way that those who may not be very confident in the biblical languages, like the reviewer, can still access.

Each segment of John’s letters is approached through the framework of the big idea from the section of the text followed by a structural overview, which defines the logical flow of ideas within the Greek text. The structure then goes on to provide a summarized outline as well as a clausal outline with both the Greek and corresponding English translations. This chapter structure helps the reader to gain the logical outline of the text and understand the transitions within the Greek.

The sections continue with a syntax explanation of each verse of the passage. These explanations focus on key Greek words or phrases within the selected verses. Each phrase or word is explained both syntactically, with how it fits grammatically in the passage, as well as semantically, with what it means in light of the passage. This helps connect the meaning of the text to the original hearers to the reader in an effective and accessible way.

The Big Greek Idea: John’s Letters is a helpful resource for engaging with the Greek in a way that is both helpful for preaching and teaching and accessible to even the most basic students of Greek.

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