Book Review: Dream Big by Bob Goff

What does it look like to dream again? As children, many of us had dreams of what we were going to be when we grew up, the awesome story that our life would become, and the great things that we would accomplish. As we grew up, many of us experienced the challenges of life and the brokenness of the world. We let the drains of disappointment and our desire to be approved by others to cause us to walk away from our dream.

In Dream Big, Bob Goff invites his readers to dream again. Whether you have lost your dream in the denials of life or are seeking to follow your dream into the future version of you, Bob Goff has encouragement and a framework for you. Loosely based on his podcast by the same name, Bob seeks to open up your heart once again to dream.

Though I have only spoken to Bob Goff on the phone and never met him in person, I can tell you that Bob Goff and his writings are always a source of encouragement to me. Bob seeks to constantly remind his readers that God has great plans for them, that He is still at work in their lives, and that the story is not over.

If you need to dream again and believe that your best days are in front of you and not behind you, I would encourage you to check out Dream Big. As you journey through the pages, you will find yourself encouraged, challenged, and inspired to go follow after the dreams that God has for you and may find yourself living a more compelling story in the process.

Notice: I was a member of the launch team for Dream Big and received a pre-release copy for review.

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