Book Review: Faith For Exiles by David Kinnaman and Mark Matlock

Throughout the last several years, David Kinnaman and the Barna Research Group have served as a leading voice of research on the effectiveness of the church of reaching the next generation with the gospel. As technology continues to evolve and Gen Z continues to develop, Faith For Exiles: 5 Ways for a New Generation to Follow Jesus in a Digital Babylon serves as a great resource for those seeking to reach the next generation.

Kinnaman and Matlock begin the book by framing the current status of Christianity in today’s technologically-driven world as a similar world to the times of exile within the Bible. In the times of exile, we see followers of God living in a land and culture that is not their own while trying to both impact the culture around them while not losing their own faith in the process. Faith For Exiles chronicles the 5 markers of faithfulness that are seen in the lives and stories of those students who according to the research have chosen to follow Jesus while living in a digital Babylon.

According to the research, students who will be faithful to follow Jesus in a digital Babylon need to have the following:

  • Experience Jesus
  • Have Cultural Discernment
  • Build Meaningful Relationships
  • Embrace Vocational Discipleship
  • Live on a Countercultural Mission

Faith for Exiles explores each of these themes as well as how churches can practically implement these ideas to help develop their own students to remain faithful. In times that are constantly changing with ministering effectively to the next generation, Kinnaman and Matlock have created a thoughtful, practical, and encouraging resource in Faith for Exiles.

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