Book Review: Faith for This Moment by Rick McKinley

What does it look like to faithfully represent the gospel and impact the world in the polarizing society in which we live? This is the important question that Rick McKinley seeks to answer in Faith for This Moment: Navigating a Polarized World as the People of God.

The first few chapters of McKinley’s book seek to describe the current position of Christianity in America. As Christians in America, McKinley compares us to the church in exile in Babylon. We are to seek like Daniel to remain faithful to God in a society whose values don’t reflect the things of God. In order to explore this faithfulness, McKinley draws from the times of the Israelites in exile in Babylon as well as the writings of Richard Niebuhr relating to thoughtful engagement of Christians with culture.

Once the position of faithful living is established for a church in exile, McKinley moves on to discussing the importance of spiritual disciplines in faithful living. He argues that spiritual practices and disciplines are what helps to establish the church’s own identity in the middle of a pagan culture. The spiritual disciplines that McKinley explores include: centering practice, hospitality, generosity, Sabbath, and vocation.

McKinley ends his book by bringing readers back to a missional focus of seeking to bless the city for the sake of Jesus. Through our witness and practices of faithful living and loving in the midst of a pagan culture, we will show the love and hope of Jesus with others.

Faith for This Moment is a timely and helpful book that frames the current status of the church in the biblical framework of exile while challenging Christians to truly embody and express their faith through spiritual practices.

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