Book Review: Give Them Jesus by Dillon Thornton

Teaching core doctrines to children can be a difficult task, yet it is important for parents to ground their kids in the faith. In Give Them Jesus: Raising Our Children on the Core Truths of the Christian Faith, Dr. Dillon Thornton creates a great resource for doing such a task. Using the teaching tool of the Apostle’s Creed, Thornton provides a practical guide for parents for family worship.

Give Them Jesus is organized with a focus on the major themes of the Apostle’s Creed followed by a worship guide around each of the topics in the creed. These worship guides include suggested passages for memorization that reinforce the truth of the creed, a doctrinal summary of the theological themes presented in the creed, questions for family teaching, songs to celebrate the truths found in the creed, and prayer points around the theme of the creed. The worship guides help to clearly lay out the tools for parents to effectively teach these truths to their kids.

Throughout the book, Thornton does a very effective job of not only walking through the creed but discipling parents as to how to best personally understand and present these truths to their kids. His theological insights bring both encouragement and challenge to parents to be people who faithfully live the truths that they are calling their kids to also embrace.

Give Them Jesus is a theologically rich yet practical book for parents to use to teach truth to their kids. Thornton effectively writes from the heart of a parent and the mind of a theologian to help to pass solid biblical understanding to the next generation through their parents.

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