Book Review: The Life Giving Leader by Tyler Reagin

What does it look like to lead from the depths of who you are and to let your life overflow to impact others? Tyler Reagin seeks to merge the ideas of personal growth, personal connection with God, and leadership of others in the book The Life Giving Leader: Learning to Lead from Your Truest Self.

Reagin grounds his book in calling Christians to a higher standard of leadership. When we lead, we represent Jesus and His greatness to the world. This divine power comes from the gifts, talents, and personalities that God has given us connected to the fact that God has called us to serve Him in our lives and leadership.

The Life Giving Leader begins by focusing the first half of the book on the leader personally. Reagin encourages readers to both live from their true selves and to embrace their own uniqueness while leading them on a journey to embrace the personal traits of a life giving leader. These traits are self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-confidence, humility, and health. It is by investing first in ourselves as leaders that we are going to be able to invest into others as well.

Reagin then goes on to address what this life giving lifestyle looks like in the context of leadership. Life giving leaders work selflessly, sacrifice for a cause, surrender to God’s will, and serve others. These traits all come together to make a leader who is able to effectively lead an organization in an empowering way. According to Reagin, organizations led by life giving leaders will be vibrant, have teams that flourish, and allow leaders to leave a legacy.

The Life Giving Leader is a helpful book that reframes leadership helpfully in light of a leaders own connection to God and who God made him or her to be. This is a practical and challenging book that will help leaders to remember their own true source of leadership so that they can faithfully lead others well.

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