Book Review: The Post-Racial Church by Kenneth A. Mathews and M. Sydney Park

Race and the church is an important topic, which is a place for growth for many churches and congregations. In The Post-Racial Church: A Biblical Framework for Multiethnic Reconciliation, theologians Kenneth A Mathews and M. Sydney Park seek to address the Biblical and theological foundations for why the local church should reflect the diversity of the kingdom of God.

The combination of an Old Testament scholar (Mathews) and a New Testament scholar (Park) makes this book a resource that faithfully and exegetically spans the whole of the Bible on the topic. From an Old Testament lens, Mathews writes of God’s design in creation, Abraham’s call to be a blessing to all nations, the tension between Israel being “God’s people” and the call to reach all people, and God’s welcome to all peoples. From a New Testament perspective, Park explores stories of reconciliation in the life and ministry of Jesus, stories of peace and worship, proclamation and the church, and one salvation for all races.

The Post-Racial Church effectively explores the biblical foundation for a church that looks like the racial and cultural diversity seen in the world. As a primarily theological book, Park and Mathews seek to determine the biblical precedent with less of a focus on the practical. They point to practical implications, but this book is not designed to be a step by step manual for building a post-racial church.

Mathews and Park have created a great theological reflection for the church to explore why races coming together to worship the Savior should matter and should be a priority for people of faith. This accessible book clearly displays the importance of this work and calls the church to intentionally seek to become more and more post-racial.

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