Book Review: The Successful Speaker by Grant Baldwin

What does it take to build a career as a speaker? Grant Baldwin has created a playbook for anyone trying to grow themselves and their audience through public speaking in his book The Successful Speaker.

In this five step guide, Baldwin seeks to walk his readers through the process of selecting a problem and audience for the message, preparing and delivering the talk, establishing yourself as an expert in the market, booking paid speaking gigs, and scaling your speaking business. The Successful Speaker is a great starting point resource for anyone who has a message that needs to be shared.

Baldwin’s mix of his own personal story of becoming a speaker alongside the practical ideas for getting started given in the book combine to make this a motivating read to help push readers to begin. Sometimes, we need an extra push of encouragement and practicality to begin to pursue our dreams. Baldwin’s book is a great tool in this process.

The Successful Speaker is a resource that I will continue to keep on my shelf as I venture into my own dreams of growing a speaking ministry. If you are wondering how to share your own message, you should check out Baldwin’s book.

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