Book Review: Therefore I Have Hope by Cameron Cole

Where is God in the middle of tragedy? How do you respond when your “Worst” moment happens to you? These are some of the questions that Cameron Cole explores in his book Therefore I Have Hope: 12 Truths that Comfort, Sustain, and Redeem in Tragedy.

Therefore I Have Hope comes from Cole’s own life experience of tragedy in losing his son who died in his sleep. The book takes readers alongside the Cole family through their own processing of grief, allowing God to put the pieces together, and seeing the faithfulness of God in the middle of tragedy. Through this process, Cole gives 12 truths of hope and guidance that their family clung to that readers can also embrace in the middle of what Cole terms the “Worst.”

In this book, Cole has provided a resource that doesn’t hide from the hard questions yet leads readers faithfully to a gospel-driven response to tragedy. The constant reminders of God’s presence, power, and sufficiency in all moments of life lead readers back to the true source of survival in trying times – Jesus.

Therefore I Have Hope presents the 12 truths through the framework of a process of grief beginning with the initial shock leading to the new normal and the long haul. This layout makes this a great book for those currently walking through their “Worst” or those who are seeking to minister to people in tragedy.

I am grateful to Cameron Cole for his vulnerability and willingness to let the world into the depths of his family’s hurt to share the hope that they have found in Christ. Therefore I Have Hope will be a great source of hope and encouragement to many.

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