How Do We Effectively Lead Students to Jesus?: A Review of Mike McGarry’s Book Lead Them to Jesus

In student ministry, finding effective resources to train and equip volunteer youth workers is always a challenge. As a local church youth pastor, Mike McGarry discovered the lack of resources in this area and created his new book Lead Them to Jesus: A Handbook for Youth Workers.

Through this resource, McGarry seeks to present a gospel-centered approach to student ministry with focuses on discipleship, evangelism, and keeping Jesus at the center of the ministry. He seeks to be faithful to the scriptural approach and priorities while also faithfully engaging the culture, trends, and challenges of today’s student ministry landscape.

The book begins with the first half focusing on common questions that students ask. McGarry presents the importance of each question alongside a biblical response to each question. From topics ranging from the second coming of Christ to mental health to suicide, Lead Them to Jesus seeks to steward students back to the gospel and the Jesus who is faithful in all challenges and moments of life. When a theological topic is approached where Christians have many different interpretations and beliefs, McGarry approaches the topic with theological charity and offers a variety of views in a helpful way.

The second portion of Lead Them to Jesus is a training manual for effective student ministry. Through this section, practical topics such as starting a new youth ministry, preaching the Bible to students, and handling discipline are addressed alongside hot topics of LGBTQ, pornography, and sexuality. In this practical training, McGarry continues to emphasize the importance of parents in discipling their students and the importance of integrating student ministry into the local church.

McGarry has once again produced a great book for youth workers in Lead Them to Jesus. Student pastors should be purchasing copies for their entire volunteer teams to be used as a training resource for new youth workers and a reference guide for veteran youth workers. And as McGarry ends the book, may youth workers be found faithful to follow hard after Jesus and to point students faithfully to Him.

This book was reviewed from a complimentary copy provided by the author.

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