Resource Review: The Gospel-Centered Life: Exodus for Students by Kristen Hatton

When it comes to student Bible study resources, it can be a challenge to find resources that both effectively engage the Bible and connect truth to the lives of students. After her own frustration with limited resources which accomplished these ends, Kristen Hatton set out to create solid and relevant resources for students to engage with God’s Word. Her latest release¬†The Gospel-Centered Life: Exodus for Students is a great resource for helping students to dive into this foundational Old Testament book.

Exodus for Students is an effective resource because it begins by clearly connecting the content of the lesson to the real life experiences of the students. It then goes on to dive into the text. Students are not simply given summaries of the Bible story, but they are challenged to dive into the text for themselves. Hatton provides a very helpful commentary in her book that brings out the below the surface truths of the passage such as how the understandings of the Hebrew words help to make the text come to life. She the concludes the lesson with an exercise that helps connect the truth from an applicational place back into the students’ lives.

Hatton has created a biblical, helpful, and practical tool to help small group leaders, parents, and youth pastors to teach the book of Exodus to students. I would highly recommend this resource as a tool that will benefit all who use it and help students to grow in their faith through God’s Word.

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