What Lyrics Do You Let Define Your Life?: A Book Review of Jon Acuff’s Soundtracks

Overthinking is a paralysis that holds back many from achieving their goals. How many degrees are not completed, books are not written, and goals are not met due to overthinking? We spend our days playing narratives and thoughts through our heads that define who we are, what we think about ourselves, and where we are likely to experience failure. These soundtracks of overthinking are the topic that Jon Acuff seeks to tackle in his latest book Soundtracks: The Surprising Solution to Overthinking.

The topic of thoughts, mantras, and positive self-talk is something that is a recent trend in book publishing. Many authors have realized that thoughts and attitude has a direct correlation to one’s destination in life. What we think, believe, and embrace about ourselves determines in many ways who we are and what we achieve. Soundtracks seeks to frame this struggle in the helpful way of changing the song. Just like a person would skip a song on his or her playlist, Acuff challenges his readers to take the time to understand what narrative is playing and skip ahead to a better song.

Building a better soundtrack for our thoughts comes from listening to what is playing, borrowing songs from winning people’s playlists, and flipping the song in our heads. We do this by finding mentors to learn from and people to help hold us accountable on the journey. We reinforce these new narratives by gaining evidence that we are changing and becoming a new person and reminding ourselves of who we now want to become.

Overthinking is a mental fog that holds many of us back from doing what we are called to do and pursuing the dreams in our hearts. Through Soundtracks, Jon Acuff encourages readers to get out of their heads, change the track, and move toward their dreams. This is an encouraging book that will challenge you to take a step out of the fog onto the path of your passions that exist around the horizon.

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